Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Felted Striped Purse in Earth Tones of Brown, Red, Mustard and Purple

The purse is finally listed! I struggled a bit with the button on the front, but finally got it on! It's the little things that are time suckers. It is beautiful though. Time now to finish up the recycled sweater blanket. Just need to go over the seems one more time so it's nice and strong. Hopefully it will be added to the shop tomorrow.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christmas Season, Art Shows and New Products

I have been prepping for the upcoming Christmas season. It always seems to take so long to get here, and then once it is, I wish I had a bit more time! As hard as I try to build up stock, I inevitably feel that I don't have enough. My fingers can only do so much! This year, both my girls are in school. That should allow me more time to build my business.

This year, I'm also preparing for a winter arts show at a local nature center (more details to follow). It is juried, so I am hoping to be accepted. In the meantime, I am preparing as if I were. Goals include - creating a product catalog, updating business cards (done), revamping my labels (partially done), and creating new pieces (constant). I'm also creating a new line from pieces made from wool raised in a sustainable way (the wool is from New Zealand, the company is called 62 North out of Washington State).

Here is a new piece. Coming soon...Cashmere and Lambswool Recycled Sweater Blanket!
 100 % wool, vintage fabric lining, satin ribbon strap.

 glass button accent, magnetic clasp

 vintage fabric, 2 large sections

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Felted Bowl Giveaway!

I'm offering a felted bowl giveaway on Cafe Handmade!  It's felted wool/mohair in red with white, marigold, and sunflower colored polka dots.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Facebook Fan Page for Seasons of Wool

Just to let you know, I've now got a facebook fan page. I have to say, that I am much better at posting there, than here. Check it out - It's a sure way to be informed of sales, promotions, giveaways and new products. http://bit.ly/dsDm2E

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Purple and Green Button Tote with Wooden Handles.

I've recently finished another purse. This piece is listed at $80.

A purple striped felted-knit tote accented with lime green/brown polka dot ribbon (polyester) and green and blue ceramic buttons. The bag's button print lining (100% cotton) extends above the ribbon. The purse's wooden handles are suspended from the ribbon. Designed to be carried by the hands or worn over the elbow.

The entire purse was hand-sewn using cotton and silk thread.

Measurements: 13" wide x 10" tall

This is a one of a kind piece, and once sold, may not return. Please contact me if you'd like a similar purse in an alternate color scheme or with different attributes.


Deadline Extended for Craft Hope

The deadline for the towels and wash rags has been extended to the end of Aug. Unfortunately, the problem isn't going away any time soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill and A Way for Knitters, Sewers and Crocheters to Help; Craft Hope

I for one sickened by the environmental devestation of the oil spill in the Gulf. I've been making little changes in my life, but living in OH, I've often wondered what I can do to directly help the wildlife and clean up process. I came accross a wonderful organization - Craft for Hope - that is collecting handmade washrags and towels to be used in cleaning wildlife. Old towels and sheets can be used, cotton fabric, cotton yarn, etc.  Cotton is the best and most absorbant. The deadline is July 3, but they will most likely be collecting after the deadline. Check out the link for more information. It's a great way for you and your family to get involved. My 8 year old, 5 year old and I will be putting together a package to send. Minimal skill is required. If you can sew a rough hem, use scissors, knit or crochet, you can do this!


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Beginning, Middle and End

I have realized that I love to start projects, but finishing them up can sometimes seem to go on forever! Case in point, I've been adding the lining and ribbon to a purse now for the last week and I just can't seem to finish. I have made a goal to not start a new project until all my started ones are finished. Can I do it? I've finished up the blankets, a knitting basket and some bowls. Now I have two projects left - both lined purses. I have to say, I am not fond of adding linings to bags, even though I think they are much better without them. It can be so tedious!

I love starting new things. Maybe it's the new-ness, the adventure. Then by the end, I'm already thinking of the next project and creation.

I will not give in! I will finish!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cafe Handmade Feature

Just to let you all know that I will be a featured artist on Cafe Handmade, tomorrow May 10 (not sure how long I'll be on there). Check it out to learn a little more about me, my creative process, and what inspires me.

Cafe Handmade is like a traditional craft show, but better. You can attend a craft show at your leisure, as often as you would like, and have the same experience as a traditional craft show with featured artist interviews, giveaways, and of course the Virtual Craft Show.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Felted Bowls and Baskets!

New felted bowls and baskets are here! They span all sizes and tastes, from a small soy/wool blue one perfect for little treasures, to a large pitcher shaped one for knitting needles and yarn, to a bright red polka dot one and a more subdued gray vined one.

Red Polka Dot

Gray Vined Basket/Bowl

Small Blue Striped Bowl, Soy and Wool

Small/Medium Felted Silk/Wool Bowl, from above

Rolled Top Turquoise Bowl with Pink Flecks

Felted Knitting Pitcher

Pitcher Hanging

From Above...

Felted Sweater Blankets are Here

Felted sweater blankets are here! I've felted wool, cashmere, angora, alpaca, lambswool, and merino wool to make these wonderful blankets! First they were washed in hot water a minimum of 4 times to get the maximum softness. Then they were cut into squares, and sewn with 100% silk thread (silk stretches and performs wonderfully with wool) using an overlocking stitch. I love these! Right now there are only 2 blankets in stock, but I expect more to follow!

The blankets are machine washable, and hang dry. They can then be fluffed in the dryer.

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Products - felted blankets, knitting baskets, bowls

I've just litsed a slew of new pieces - felted upcycled/repurposed sweater blankets, a knitting basket, and some bowls. As it is late, pictures will come tomorrow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Picnic Blankets

So, the winter wool good season is over, and I'm contemplating how to keep selling over the warmer months. I figure I can either build up stock and prepare for the fall and winter, or I can diversify a bit. I plan on doing both. My next venture will be upcycled/recycled sweaters felted and turned into picnic blankets. I'm thinking of backing them with upcycled/repurposed jeans or other sturdy material. A double bonus of this is that I'm expecting my local thrifstores to be a great source of wool sweaters this time of year. I am excited about this new adventure. I love trying new things and growing as an artist. I'll post pictures of the process and finished product as I go. First step, a trip to the Goodwill!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fingerless Silk and Wool Mittens

Winter is not quite over! There are also quite a few chilly spring days to come! These wrist warmers are perfect for this weather! They are soft, warm, breathable, and oh so cute. They can also be made in a variety of color combinations and lengths. No two mittens are exactly the same! They only take a day or two to create, so there is still time to get them and enjoy them before summer is upon us!

United Way of Duluth, Power of the Purse Donation

I was invited recently to donate one of my pieces to a wonderful cause - a literacy program that the United Way helps to fund. I chose to donate a purse I'd been working on. The purse is inspired by the Lucy Bag pattern by Two Old Bags and is used with their permission. There are some wonderful purses being donated, I encourage you all to check them out!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Items

I've got some new things finally listed on my Etsy Shop. It's slower going with my main website, but should be on there by the end of the week. Listings include Rainbow Beanies, Ear Flap Hats, and a lovely striped cloche style hat. All are custom orders in your choice of color and size.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Items

New Items Coming Soon! Within the next week or two I hope to have a number of new items listed in my shops. Offering will include new hats in a rainbow of colors, as well as mittens. I'll be increasing my scope to lined pieces for an added element of warmth and comfort.