Wednesday, January 18, 2012

After the Globes, What's Next?

The hoopla of the Golden Globes is over. Ho hum. And my felted cuffs are in the hands of certain members of the press. I have no idea which ones, but it's exciting to know that they are out there somewhere in the hands of a potentially great source of advertisement or business lead.

I received a partial list of those it could be, ranging from The Huffington Post to Hollywood TV to The Today Show Australia to Momz in the Mix. Obviously, certain venues are more of a fit than others, and to be honest, I really don't know where I hope they end up!

So, I've sent out my follow up e-mails to those I know were there and who might have gotten my gifts. Whoever it is, I hope they love them (or at least know someone who would)! I can't wait to hear what they think! For now, it's a waiting game. I'll be sure to let you know what comes of it.

On other fronts, I am continuing to update the shop  - working on pictures, descriptions, key words, etc. I'm continuing to put my name out there and setting goals for the new year. I'm thinking about new product lines (lined picnic blankets, small recycled sweater pouches similar to Cari Cucksey's gift, and possibly a line of trigger/photography mittens).

And, I've got 100 business cards going to a major Hollywood event in the near future! Any ideas where?

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Nana G Creations said...

um, your cards are probably going the same place mine are LOL. What an exciting journey we are on. Wishing you much luck and fun!