Monday, January 9, 2012

Off to the Golden Globes!

On Jan 13-14 the 2012 Golden Globe Awards extravaganza will take place. And during that time, my lovely little felted alpaca cuffs will be gifted to ten lucky members of the press at the GBK Productions Luxury Gift Lounge. I am beyond excited! And beyond thankful for The Artisan Group for all they do to make opportunities like this possible for artisans around the world. They are simply amazing! It doesn't seem real at this point, and it's been quite the journey. I have no idea what will happen, but my hope is that I'll get increased coverage on my business and make some sales. This really is a wonderful way for me to get my name out there! I've learned a lot. Not the least of which has been to have pride in myself and my talent as an artist.

Here is a little taste of what the press will be getting. And if you ever have the joy of coming up with cute little packaging, my word of advice. Plan it all out before purchasing anything if you can. I spent loads of time an energy and money buying the perfect things. Some I used, some I didn't. I learned along the way, but had I been more efficient, I could have saved some money!
Handmade envelopes from handmade, seeded paper. I didn't make the paper. 

Labels for the envelopes ready to go. They'll help seal the whole thing up. 

My hangtags. It includes material, care and benefits of felt. Usually these get pinned to my product, but I felt it would be better in this case to put them in the envelope. A fellow artist prints the tags. 
uniquefavors on Etsy.
Front and back view of my Bio Card. They'll go in the envelope too.  Thanks Zazzle for some lovely cards!

Front and back of my business cards. I use Zazzle to print off all my cards, except for the hangtags. 

Envelopes folded and partially glued. I used rubber cement on the labels and delphinium flowers only. You only need to tear the labels to open the envelope. 

The back of the envelopes contain info on the product and its special name. Each  cuff type has a different name. 
My lovely collection (from left): Cherry Blossom, Pink Carnation, Swirling Snow, Bittersweet,  Fire and Ice, Bluebells. 
I rolled each pair of cuffs and pinned them so the shape would hold. 

My bags are made from sinamay, an all natural fiber. The "ribbon" is paper.  I love how you can see the pattern of the cuff through the bag. 

10 bags almost ready to go! 


O. Joy said...

Such beautiful work! So exciting about the Golden Globes!!!

Alexis Gopal said...

What gorgeous work, those lucky celebs! I'm so excited for you!!

EdenSong Essentials said...

Lucky press to get your goodies. Very creative packaging, too!

Serena said...

Everything looks wonderful and so beautifully packaged!

Joy Light said...

This is so very exciting! You've done such nice work, every detail is absolutely PERFECT!


Anonymous said...

Your gifts look awesome! I love the packaging!

Autumn Bradley said...

The packaging and the product are just amazing! Great job!

Fiona Designs said...

So amazing and so exciting!!!

nelou | {} said...

beautiful & wonderful packaging too!! excited for you!

Dee Crowe said...

Love your pictures and packaging...way to go!